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1. What is a PressFit 30 bottom bracket? PressFit 30 features all the best from BB30 & other press-fit designs in one package. It uses a 30mm spindle, 46mm shell diameter and 73mm shell width. These bottom brackets offer greater clearance for chainrings and ankles with additional weight savings over other designs. They also are incredibly stiff because of the oversize spindle and use bearings housed in nylon cups to eliminate frame interface issues.

2. My new frame has a Pressfit 30 bottom bracket. What type of bottom bracket do I need to fit the PF30 BB shell? You can use a PressFit 30 bottom bracket or any traditional English threaded bottom bracket or BB 30 with the use of press-in adapters. There are various manufacturers that offer adapters, SRAM (which can be purchased through us), Problem Solvers, FSA among others.

3. My new frame has a needle bearing main pivot. How do I grease the needle bearing? There is a grease port at the drive side end of the main pivot where fresh waterproof marine grade grease can be injected, use this to purge old grease and contamination from the needle bearing using a needle nose type grease injector.

4. I have a tapered head tube on my frame, what type of headset do I need to run a 1-1/8” x 1.5” fork? You need an InSet or Zero Stack headset with 44mm upper and 56mm lower internal tapered cups.

5. I have 1-1/8” steerer tube on my fork that I want to use on my new tapered head tube Ventana frame. What do I need to do that? You need a 44mm upper and 56mm lower InSet or Zero Stack style headset with a 1.5” > 1-1/8” lower crown race baseplate.

6. How do I use the F3P adjustable travel on my El Ciclón frame?6. F3P adjustable travel utilizes a reversible oblong washer that positions the upper shock bolt in one of two possible positions. Remove the shock bolt and flip the F3P washer to switch between 140mm and 150mm rear travel. The bolt position farthest away from the seat tube provides 140mm rear suspension travel and the position closest to the seat tube provides 150mm of rear suspension travel.

7. Reach and stack, what are they and how do they relate to bike fit and top tube length? REACH is the horizontal measurement directly forward from the bottom bracket center to the centerline of the head tube at the top of the frame. STACK is the vertical measurement from the BB center to that same point on the top for the head tube. These two numbers can be easily compared and contrasted among frames to be sure you are looking at comparable sizes. If the seat tube centerline passes through the center of the bottom bracket then top tube length and reach can be used comparably. If however, the seat tube centerline does not pass through the center of the bottom bracken (this occurs mostly on our 2012 suspension frames and radically on most manufacturers’ DH frames) then reach is a much more reliable number to use for comparison and fit.

8. Is the curved top tube on the 2012 frames hydroformed? No, hydroform is used when variable shaping is required but does not allow for variations in wall thickness over a hydro formed tube’s length. The curved tubes we use in our 2012 frames are actually variable cross section, variable wall, butted, formed and shaped tubes that undergo a serious amount of engineering and development to manufacture. They are first drawn and butted in round form and then shaped and tapered to their final cross sectional shape and then formed to their final profile curvature in forming dies.

9. Where can I locate the serial number on my frame? Almost all our serial numbers are located on the bottom bracket shell of the frame. On the new 2012 full suspension frames with the PressFit 30 bottom bracket, the serial number is stamped inside the non-drive shock tab of the frame. It consists of one letter and five numbers.

10. What size/type front derailleur do I need for my 2012 full suspension frame? All new frames with PressFit 30 bottom brackets require a 34.9mm high clamp bottom swing front derailleur or bottom pull, bottom swing front derailleur.

11. What size seat post diameter and length do I need for my full suspension frame? 30.9mm x 400mm or longer seat post. For maximum frame life, recommended insertion is at least 1” below max extension line suggested by most seat post manufacturers.

12. What size seat clamp do I need for my new full suspension frame? 34.9mm


1. The eccentric bottom bracket is not moving, how do I break it free for adjustments without causing any damage? You must back the bolt all the way out. There are two wedges that need to be completely backed out before the eccentric will move.


What are the recommended torque specs for the bolts on my suspension frame?

Allen Hex Size Description Description Torque Range
4mm 6mm button head allen Minor pivots, Dropouts 65 – 70 inch pounds
4mm 6mm flat head allen Minor pivots, Dropouts 65 – 70 inch pounds
5mm 6mm allen cap screw Main pivot, upper and lower shock bolts 90 – 100 inch pounds
5mm 8mm flat head allen Main pivot 110 – 120 inch pounds
6mm 8mm allen cap screw Upper shock bolt 150 – 170 inch pounds
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